Dancing ponies and photographing fountains

6 Mar

When I was in college I went through a Fleetwood Mac phase where I basically listened to “Everywhere” on repeat. (Yes, I know I was musically born 20 years too late.) So when I saw this commercial come on while I was watching “The Walking Dead,” I didn’t fast forward the DVR. I rewound it, again and again. Because as much as Three sucks as a phone company, this is one of the best adverts ever created:

Just had to get that out of the way. Now on to the post.

Yesterday was one of those rare days in London when the sky was blue and the sun was out. I hear most of the US got pummeled with snow, but we had 60 degrees and sun. So I went for a walk — a really long walk. For the first time ever I decided to buy theatre tickets in advance, instead of the day of. Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is starring in “Quartermaine’s Terms” and they don’t offer day seats, so I was forced to go to the box office and pay full price for a nosebleed balcony seat for this weekend. I could have taken the tube or the bus to the theatre box office, but I decided to walk the three miles since it was so nice out. I walked through Regent’s Park and Avenue Gardens. I remember the first time I walked through Avenue Gardens I couldn’t believe it was just a short stroll from my flat — it felt like a scene from a Jane Austen novel movie. It’s even more beautiful when the flowers are in bloom.

avenue gardens

And it’s even more serene when you’re the only person there.

avenue gardens 2

I was having issues photographing this fountain since the sun was so bright — I never thought I’d say that about London!

avenue gardens fountain

avenue gardens statue

And then I found a fountain that wasn’t directly in the sun and took my classic shallow depth of field shots.

avenue gardens fountain 2

avenue gardens fountain 3

avenue gardens fountain 4

avenue gardens fountain 5

I think this is supposed to be the English flag, except it should be white instead of purple.

england flowers

As I left Regent’s Park and headed down Marylebone Road, I ran into this statue of JFK. It’s always puzzled me, so I finally decided to Google it.

jfk london

According to UKAttraction.com:

“This statue was paid for by Sunday Telegraph readers to commemorate the great American President. The statue cost £50,000 to build and no one person was allowed to donate more than a pound. John F. Kennedy was one of the greatest allies of the United Kingdom and one of the most famous presidents of all time because of his age and youthful exuberance in the White House. When he was assassinated the people of Britain were just as shocked as those in America as this statue is testimony.”

*Now we know!*

After I got my Mr. Bean ticket as well as tickets to “Once” for when my friend visits in two weeks (!!), I did some shopping on Oxford Street, then decided to catch the bus home because I had walked four miles and my metaphorical dogs were barking. After waiting a good 10 minutes, the bus pulled up and a hoard of people boarded. As each of us got ready to swipe our Oyster cards, the driver waved his hand for us to just get on. Apparently the Oyster card reader was broken, which meant free bus ride! The kicker was some lady got on and didn’t have an Oyster card, so the driver made her pay cash. If she had just woven her wallet like the rest of us, she could have ridden for free, but instead we all had to wait while she fished out £2.40 in coins. Tourists…


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