Why is there a child on my donut peaches?

19 Aug

I’ll admit it, the fruit lady is growing on me. She runs a stall conveniently located on my walk to the grocery store, but I used to avoid her because she smokes near the fruit. But her prices are better than the supermarket and she calls me “love,” so I’ve been visiting her more often. On my most recent trip I picked up some blueberries and strawberries and was about to pay when I saw these weird-looking peaches. Peaches were on my list of fruit to buy at Sainsbury’s, where they are usually 4 for £1. Fruit lady had 6 weirdly flat peaches for £1. Sold.

donut peach

Have you ever seen these weird-looking flat peaches? Google tells me it is called a Saturn or doughnut peach (or, to quote The Guardian, “the donut peach, by people who do not know how to spell.”) In America we blame Dunkin’ for that.

They look like regular peaches that had a Stewie Griffin accident.


I am happy to report that they are in fact “simply delicious,” just as juicy and delectable as a regular peach and they’re easier to hold. So thank you, smoking fruit lady, for introducing me to this culinary wonder. I just have one question: who is your supplier and why did they think it was a good idea to put a small child on the packaging?:

peach baby

He’s not even holding a Saturn/doughnut/donut peach, that looks like a nectarine or apple!


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