Concrete for breakfast

6 Oct

A couple months ago I started to get this crazy idea. It was just a faint whisper in the back of my head saying, “race.” I’ve been running for more than four months now, and while it’s good exercise, I’m curious how I stand up to other runners in my age group. I want to know what it feels like to push through the desire to crap out because there’s a finish line, other runners, and people cheering you on. So I looked up the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. I thought it was a 5K, but it’s a 10K. And that’s when the whispers got louder every time I ran — “10K. You can do it.” That’s 6 miles, longer than I’ve ever run before, but that’s what makes it alluring. I haven’t registered yet — I hover over the button every few days — but I found a good 10K training plan and have been following it. Everything has been going really well.

Until today.

I left the flat this morning debating whether I wanted to do the usual 5K/3 miles or push myself to 4 miles since I ate too much Chinese food and cake yesterday.

I made it 2 minutes. I was going around the Outer Circle of Regent’s Park, which was covered in leaves. I thought I was dodging them well, but apparently not that well. One second I was listening to my podcast, getting into the groove, the next I was eating concrete, completely sprawled out on the ground, iPod flung 10 feet in front of me.

panda slide

Another kind jogger stopped to check on me and handed me my iPod and water bottle. “That almost happened to me yesterday,” he said. I thanked him and began to assess the damage. I was able to brace myself as I went down, which meant my knee and palms took the brunt of the damage. I stood there for a second starring at the skin peeling off my hand, blood starting to surface, and my first thought was “What a waste of a run.” But obviously there was no way I could continue. I rolled up my leggings to expose my skinned knee, and made the walk of shame back home. While I was cleaning up my hands and knee, I realized my elbow hurt. I looked over and it was completely scraped and bleeding. It’s funny how the body works when injured — at the time, the adrenaline made me want to keep running, I didn’t realize the extent of my injuries or pain. But now they sting like nobody’s business.

I’ve heard countless times that running is a dangerous activity and almost everyone gets hurt eventually. I’m very thankful that I came away from the incident with just scrapes — not a broken leg or twisted ankle. The worst part is that all my injuries are near joints, which make it hard for bandages to stay on. I’ve definitely learned my lesson about jogging in the fall (avoid tree-lined paths!) and hopefully can get back to training soon.


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