Moving is the worst

24 Oct
The worst part about moving is how every part seems like it’s the worst — dealing with estate agents and securing a new flat, packing, cleaning the old flat to get the deposit back, going without Internet for 48 hours as it switches to the new address, and then the stage I’m at now, which is the worst: tripping over boxes as I try to find space for everything in the new flat because DEAR GOD WHY DO WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF AND WHY AREN’T THERE MORE CLOSETS?!

The actual move was probably the easiest part — we had three hard-working movers who helped us finish packing then loaded and unloaded everything into the giant mounds of boxes now occupying 90 percent of our floor space. They were funny guys — one of them drew smiley faces on each box because, “you have to have a sense of humour to do this job.” As much as someone could enjoy carrying someone else’s stuff from one apartment to another, these guys seemed to.

The day after the move I stuffed a mop in my trolley and made the mile walk to our old flat to clean, which, of course, was the worst. We haven’t heard back yet if it passed the inspection ::fingers crossed:: but it was definitely cleaner than when we lived there. In a way I considered it penance for not cleaning well during our tenancy and it inspired me to keep up with the cleaning at this new place. Although I have to say vacuuming and mopping a completely empty room is almost fun.

Even though we didn’t move that far away, everything seems different. I have to make all new running routes instead of my well-worn Regent’s Park paths. I ran around The Serpentine in Hyde Park this morning, which was refreshing, but I had to wait at far too many stoplights and run on too much cobblestone to get there. Of course it was worth it because I had a CORGI SIGHTING!! My third in three years in London, not counting the 2013 Honorable Royal Corgi Spotting of Windsor.

I also made my first trolley grocery shopping trip since the move. Remember how I used to complain about walking 1.1 miles to Sainsbury’s from our old flat? Now the closest Sainsbury’s is 1.3 miles. There’s a Tesco Express much closer which carries most things I need, but not everything, so it looks like I’ll still be making regular supermarket expeditions. The good news is there’s an Iceland near the Sainsbury’s, which as you know, I’m a big fan of. I also discovered (after I got home) there’s an Aldi just down the street from the Iceland, which made me way more excited than someone should be about groceries. I’ve never been to an Aldi, but I love Lidl and oh crap I’m rambling about grocery shopping again and you don’t care. Here’s a PSL to make up for it:

pug psl

(Pugkin Spice Latte, of course!)


One Response to “Moving is the worst”

  1. Mary Bryant (@merrihelen) November 5, 2013 at 5:41 am #

    Have you ever tried the online shopping & delivery? Tesco is amazing and so worth a couple of pounds to have someone else shop for you and deliver it! 🙂

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