A British Sun Guilt Visit to Hyde Park

24 Nov

Last Friday (yes, I’m over a week behind on posting) I intended to stay in and clean the bathrooms, but it was sunny outside. And there is an unwritten rule in Britain that if it’s sunny and you have the opportunity to go outside, you do not stay inside and clean the bathrooms. So my camera and I walked to Hyde Park.

hyde park fall

The swans were out and looking for bread.

hyde park birds

A lady threw a piece on the swan’s back by accident.

swan bread

This swan and dog threw down… the swan won.

swan dog fight

View of The Serpentine with the Italian Fountains in the background.

hyde park london

I love that this tree has almost every colo[u]r of autumn.

london fall

swans swimming

Ravens are creepy. I thought there was something wrong with his beak until I noticed he had a piece of bread.

raven london

I guess I got too close to his precious bread so he flew away.

swans raven

majestic swan

How does the childhood story go? If you give a swan a piece of bread…

swan seagulls

… the seagulls will come.

crazy seagulls

And eventually the swan will have to share.

seagulls swan fight

I walked all the way through Hyde Park to Harrod’s in Knightsbridge to do some Christmas shopping. I’ve finally been there enough times that I know my way around and don’t end up curled up in a corner crying. Their Christmas window displays were impressive, but did not photograph well. I also decided to put my camera away because even though I’m sure 90 percent of Harrod’s customers are tourists looking for the gift shop, I didn’t want to wander around with a camera strapped to my neck.


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