Merry Christmas [Cookies]

24 Dec

Every year we have Christmas cookie traditions: we make Swedish spritz cookies, gingers and sugars. By “we” I mean my mom often makes the dough or hands me the recipe, and then I get some crazy decorating idea on Pinterest and spend hours I can never get back getting carpal tunnel in my powdered sugar-covered wrists as I announce “Next year I’m just slathering icing on!” But of course the cycle repeats the following year as I get some new decorating idea.

This year I decided to keep my ginger cookies “simple” by only using a few shapes and two colors of icing: white and blue, because I’ve never seen blue Christmas cookies before.

billy madison blue duck

blue ginger cookiesThe marble technique looks pretty, but as usual, takes entirely way too much time.

Instead of rolled out sugar cookies, this year I decided to make copycat Lofthouse cookies (those delicious round iced sugar cookies you get at the grocery store bakery). They came out mini, which is probably better. I could have used green and red icing, but decided on purple and turquoise because they’re more fun.

copycat lofthouse

And look great when you drop your new iPad mini onto them:

ipad icing fail

I also traditionally make my own birthday cake to take to our family gathering in Cleveland on Christmas, and often get carried away. Two years ago I made a rainbow cake, last year I made a panda, and this year I decided to make chocolate Biscoff icing and decorate it using a technique I found on Pinterest.


decorated cake


biscoff icing

At least the buttercream I made with this bad boy tastes amazing:

chocolate cookie buter

We took Squirt to the kennel this morning before I got a chance to take a Christmas photo of him, so here he is hoping some sprinkles will land on the floor:

squirt tongue

Hope you have a happy Christmas and can resist the sugar coma!


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