Swiss holiday part deux: Geneva cars and Lausanne stairs

19 Mar

I came home on Friday and immediately put on my new compression socks. I’m still not entirely sure they do anything, but the placebo effect of soothing my sore calves seems to work enough.  This is my Fitbit data from Thursday, the day before, and you can clearly see the reason my calves were killing me:

fitbit 77 floors

77 flights of stairs. No, I did not climb a sky scraper. We went to Lausanne, Switzerland, a city built on hills and stairs, to which we added a visit to the cathedral tower, accessible only by an incredibly narrow spiraling staircase.

lausanne stairs

Stairs on the way to the cathedral in Lausanne

My legs were shaking by the time we got back on the train to Geneva.

Even though my last getaway resulted in a bus fire that I’m finally just now getting over, I was feeling the travel bug again, so when Stephen suggested we visit the Geneva Auto Show again, I was excited for another Swiss holiday. It’s always nice to go somewhere that makes London seem pleasantly affordable. Switzerland also always makes me feel like a monolingual moron — the ability of majority of its citizens to flawlessly switch from French to German to English never ceases to amaze me. I guess if I grew up in a country with FIVE official languages I’d be polylingual as well. Although I will say there’s no greater triumph as an American tourist than to have a native approach you and start conversing in a foreign tongue as if you live there and can give them directions. Of course the jig is immediately up when their French is met with wide eyes and an “Um… sorry, I don’t…” But still, it feels good for a second before it becomes incredibly awkward.

We arrived in the late morning on Wednesday last week and decided to immediately check out the cars, cars, cars. So many cars. It’s hard to capture the sheer size of the Geneva Palexpo, but it’s BIG. According to the show’s press release, there were 250 exhibitors and over 900 cars.

Geneva Auto show

I made the mistake of only bringing my 35mm prime lens, which is great for taking close up shots of Squirt, but not-so-great at taking photos of cars in a crowd where you have to “zoom with your body.” That’s why I had a hard time capturing the whole car in a photo.

The new Ferrari California T

The new Ferrari California T

I liked the blue rims on this Maserati:

maserati blue rims

I have no idea what this car is, but it looks like a red Bat Mobile:

red bat mobile

High school lime green-obsessed Renee would have been all over this Lambo:

lime green lambo

I’m not sure what this car is, but the chrome is pretty sweet:

red chrome

Pagani Zonda Revolución. According to this site, “Only 5 of these cars will be made, each with a price of €2.2 million [$3 million] plus taxes.” That makes Ferraris seem cheap!

pagani blue

Pagani Huayra:

pagani yellow

I don’t remember much about this car except that it drives itself, has a backwards-facing passenger seat and a giant TV in the backseat:

car drives itself

I loved all the colorful Smart Cars, especially the purple:

purple smart car

Zenvo, aka that Danish car that caught on fire on Top Gear.

orange zenvo

Outside Mercedes was doing something crazy:mercedes geneva

After the auto show we stopped by the UN European Headquarters.

un geneva

Across from the UN is the Broken Chair sculpture, symbolic of landmine victims.

broken chair geneva

Stay tuned tomorrow for photos from Lausanne and the Olympic Museum, because this post is already entirely too long.



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