Lausanne, home of the IOC and a lot of stairs

20 Mar

Since we knocked out the auto show the day we arrived in Geneva, we had a free day on Thursday, so we took a day trip to Lausanne. It was only a 40-minute train ride from Geneva along the lake. Lausanne is home to the International Olympic Committee, so the first thing we did was head to the newly renovated Olympic Museum.

le musee olympique

In recent years I’ve become an Olympics nerd, so I enjoyed learning about the history of the games. Back in the day you could win a sweet trophy bowl thingy instead of a medal.

olympic trophy

Making use of my prime lens!

olympic museum wall

All the Olympic torches:

olympic torches

I love all the Olympic mascots! (Except London’s one-eyed monster. Why?!!)

olympic mascots

One of the famous drums from Beijing’s opening ceremonies

beijing olympics drum

A 1920 Swiss two-man bobsled

bobsled 1920

Kerry Shrug’s leotard signed by the 1996 women’s US gymnastics team. Watching those girls made me fall in love with the Olympics, gymnastics in particular. I sadly gave up my hopes of making the US team when I still couldn’t do a back handspring without a spotter after two years of lessons.

kerry shrug leo

Fun fact: from 1900 to 1920 Olympic tug of war was a thing. (And apparently the US, Great Britain and Sweden dominated. Obviously.)

olympic tug of war

We ate lunch at the museum’s cafe, which had cute names for everything. The British women sitting near us were amused that there is no French translation for “fish and chips.”

olympic cafe menu

After lunch we decided to walk to the cathedral on the hill to take in the view. We passed a lot of pretty buildings.

lausanne building

And some interesting graffiti

lausanne graffiti

We saw these kids across from the church — good way to keep them all together!

lausanne kids

We decided to climb the church’s bell tower to get an even better view. So. many. windy. stairs! (I just realized “windy” stairs and “windy” city are spelled the same. I assure you the stairs followed a twisting course and were not breezy.) Across Lake Geneva is the city of Evian, France, where the bottled water comes from. You can just barely make out the mountains in the distance. If you remember from my last visit to Switzerland, I enjoy seeing snow-capped mountains very much.

evian mountains

We then walked down more stairs to visit the old town, where this lady and her dog unintentionally became the focal point of my photo.

lausanne old town

We saw this black cat just hanging out outside the library, like he was waiting for it to open.

lausanne black cat

I had some fun editing it.

lausanne black and white

Although I wish it would have been a clearer day to see more mountains, we enjoyed our time in Lausanne. I think I burned off my “for long-distance races” risotto climbing the bell tower alone.


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