Eggs, avocados, hanger, castles, manshions and blueberries

22 May

Lately I’ve been all about eggs. I still won’t have them for breakfast — breakfast must be sweet — but I’ve been craving them for lunch and dinner. I recently bought 5 avocados for £1 from a nearby fruit and veg stall, which is an amazing deal, considering they usually go for £1 each at the supermarket. Granted the ones I bought are about half the size of a normal £1 avocado, but that just means I can eat an entire one in one sitting instead of trying to preserve a half that always turns brown. Unfortunately it also means they are too small for conventional recipes, like the much-raved about baked egg breakfast cup (which I made for lunch):

avocado egg fail

I also overcooked it. Which is why today’s accomplishment was even more amazing — I made a perfect poached egg, something professional chefs even mess up. OK, maybe it wasn’t perfect, but the white was cooked and the yolk was still runny — not bad for a first attempt! I was craving avocado eggs benedict, so I decided to make it, leaving out everything that makes it benedict. Still, a poached egg over avocado really hit the spot.

I had another post written up about the unseasonably warm weather, but it was 492 words of me complaining about how I can’t stop complaining about the weather, and I realized nobody wants to read that. I’ll just say this — when it gets above 24C/75F, I get hangry — not angry and irritable from being hungry, angry and irritable from being hot. I am not good at summer, especially in a country that does not believe in air conditioning or window screens. I pray these next few months stay below the 24/75 threshold.

Last weekend we had some of that rare blue sky, sunny weather, so we decided to visit Windsor Castle, since Stephen had never been. I went a year ago with my parents and we had the infamous royal corgi sighting of 2013. Unfortunately it did not happen again this time. Still we had a nice time, along with the rest of Britain who thought visiting a castle was a good sunny day activity.

windsor castle


I asked Stephen to take my photo in front of the courtyard, scene of the 2013 Great Royal Corgi Sighting, but he didn’t want the black bars in the photo. I suggested I jump. This was the result:

windsor castle fail

At least you can’t see the bars!

Since it’s been so nice (read: almost too warm) lately, I’ve been running and walking along Regent’s Canal. How insane are these houses? Knowing London, they are probably all investments or summer homes and are vacant 90% of the year.

regents house

regents canal house

london big house

This house has a little bench out front. I wonder if anyone ever sits out there and watches us normies on the other side of the canal.

london canal house

This art installation is also along the canal. What would you write? I couldn’t come up with anything on the spot. (I’ve already seen the royal corgis and held a baby panda. There’s a chance it could all be downhill from here.)

before i die london

Since this post started with eggs and avocados, I’ll end with blueberries. We found these giant blueberries at Tesco. They were the biggest blueberries I had ever seen. They were also delicious and hard to photography. (Oat for scale.)

atlantic blue blueberries

giant blueberries



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