That Time I Wasn’t On National Television

4 Nov

applause tv audienceThis post was supposed to be titled That Time I Was on National Television, because I had a ticket to the taping of Alan Davies As Yet Untitled for this afternoon. I’ve been meaning to make a London bucket list, but for now it has one item on it: be in a live studio audience.

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with TV taping, but then again who isn’t? I’ve never lived anywhere in the US where attending a taping was possible, and I never planned ahead when I visited LA or NYC.

I tried to go to a taping of Loose Women back in March 2013 when my friend from Kentucky was visiting. We arrived too late and were turned away. Then I tried again today and — you guessed it — the queue was full. It snaked completely around the studio. Are there really that many people free on a Tuesday afternoon in London? Yes, apparently. The woman in front of me was “absolutely gutted” because she had arranged her whole day around this taping, and hired a babysitter. I told her I was too, but in reality I had finished my work early this morning and was trying to check an item off my one-item bucket list. I watched one episode of As Yet Untitled yesterday and it was just alright (Sorry, Alan).

The producer took my ticket away from me and told me they’d give me priority for another show. And this, friends, is how you get to be on live TV in London. You must apply for free tickets online, get chosen among the many applicants, arrive at the studio excited to be on TV, and then get turned away. It is only then that you will be offered priority tickets to an upcoming show, which guarantees you entry if you’re on time. I’m convinced no matter how many general tickets they issue, only the priority people get in.

So with that, barring no catastrophic Tube incidents, I finally cashed in my priority note from when I was turned away over a year ago, and my visiting friend from Chicago and I will be a part of the live studio audience at the Jonathan Ross Show in two weeks, and I can finally complete my London bucket list.


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    […] As promised, on Tuesday night my friend and I were members of the live studio audience for The Jonathan Ross Show. I can finally check off my one London bucket list item — maybe. […]

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