Reflection on 1 month in the US

27 Dec

I’ve been back in the US for about a month now, and my experience can be best described by this photo (sub Nov. 25 for Dec. 24):
fat barbie christmasFood is everything that’s wrong and right with America. The first weekend I was back I bought this:

lucky charm marshmallowsA giant tub of Lucky Charms marshmallows for $1.83. (Found at Jungle Jim’s International Market outside Cincinnati).

Two months ago I texted my mom “Does Little Caesars still have pretzel crust pizza? Because we need to get it when I’m home.”

And so we did:

little caesars pretzel pizzaAnd it was glorious, although if you’re listening, Little Caesars, it would be 10x better if you substituted ham or bacon for the pepperoni, because the pepperoni completely overpowers the cheese sauce and pretzel crust instead of complementing it like bacon or ham would. Just a suggestion.

I also baked a crap-ton of cookies, but for the first time, did not photograph them. Also for the first time I remembered how much I hated everyone and everything after decorating cookies for hours last year, so I perfected a quick and easy method.

However, I did not learn from my past experiences with cake decorating. I once again used almond milk instead of cream or whole milk in my buttercream icing and it broke:

almond milk buttercreamIt still tasted amazing though, which is really what matters. I think most people would prefer an ugly cake that tastes delicious than a beautiful tasteless creation, right?

I also made peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes, which are notoriously difficult to dip. This year I traded the traditional tooth pick method for the Chinese way:

buckeye chopsticksI knew my mad chopsticks skills would come in handy some day!

I’ve been doing some other stuff while I’ve been home, but eating has taken the cake (tehe). I guess this is why people make New Year’s resolutions…


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