A look back at 2014

1 Jan

And just like that, it’s 2015.

My 2014 started with a bang quite literally — the sound of my Megabus’ tire blowing out, which resulted in a fire and the loss of my prized luggage. It was a good lesson in not getting too attached to personal belongings (and also don’t pack expensive and treasured items in your Megabus luggage, or any luggage for that matter). At first 2014 seemed like any other year — I traveled, I ran, I worked — but it had some highlights. I got my Fitbit Force on January 13, which really transformed how I move and live. 2014 was the year of walking for me, even if a lot of it was done in circles around my flat or my parent’s house.

It was also the year of surprises. I flew back to Cincinnati in March to surprise my mom for her birthday and my best friend before her due date. I also surprised Stephen in New York City.

In the summer I started three new freelance writing and editing gigs, which inspire and challenge me, and allow me the flexibility to still get my walking, running and traveling in.

In September we lost our beloved butt-head, Squirt. I still tiptoe into the laundry room at night so as not to wake him. It’s not the same being here without him, but in the end he wasn’t himself anymore. I made a shadowbox in his memory with his famous striped shirt, collar and photos, and my friend made me a beautiful photo collage.

Besides my surprise visits, in 2014 I traveled to Switzerland, Scotland, Bath, Stonehenge, Istanbul, the French Riviera and Biltmore (Biltmore post coming soon!). I saw nine shows in London and one on Broadway in NYC. I got to see my favorite band, Over the Rhine, perform twice in 2014 (including once with the Cincinnati Ballet), bringing my tally up to 17 Over the Rhine shows (which is paltry among their die-hard fans).

I don’t really like to make resolutions since every year they seem to be the same (stop eating like a pig, be able to run faster than an asthmatic 80-year-old smoker), so here’s to health and happiness in 2015!


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