Life lately through pictures

23 Jan

I thought it’d be easier to discuss life lately through a series of photos, many of which are about food.

Last weekend Stephen and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. NINETH, as in 1 away from 10. Insane.

We decided to go to lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s Petrus, because I have high hopes of someday visiting all of his restaurants and lunch was reasonably priced … for a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London.

I knew the place was classy because the first thing the guy did after seating us was bring over a little stool so my precious purse would not have to touch the ground.

purse stool

At first I felt silly (like an Instagram cliche) taking photos of every dish, but then I realized people at the tables around us were taking photos too. The food was just too pretty! This was my starter, ham hock terrine with crispy quail’s egg, pickles and grilled sour dough on the side. I may or may not have just copied and pasted that from the menu online.

petrus ham hock

My main was rump of lamb. I can’t give you any more detail because apparently the online menu has already changed since last weekend.

petrus lamb

Desert was a chocolate sphere with milk ice cream and honeycomb. It came out as a perfect chocolate sphere and the waiter slowly poured chocolate sauce over it to melt it. Unfortunately I only got a photo of it in its sad half-melted phase.

petrus chocolate sphere

Here it is after I ate the top.

petrus chocolate sphere inside

When I made the reservation a month ago I wrote that it was our anniversary. Apparently they actually remember and take note of that stuff, because they brought us these ice cream truffles on the house to celebrate. We were both pretty full, but one cannot not consume free ice cream truffles. They were amazing, as was all the food.

petrus chocolates

On the way home we noticed this car parked in our building’s garage. How is this even a spot? And more importantly, how did this car get itself in there?

austin powers parking

“Lots of Austin Powering,” Stephen and I both agreed.

austin powers car

The other night I saw Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies was on, and I got all excited thinking it was a new movie. Nope, they just changed the name since British people probably don’t know what White Castle is. They don’t know what they’re missing!(“Those tender little White Castle burgers with those little, itty-bitty grilled onions that just explode in your mouth like flavor crystals every time you bite into one!” … and the subsequent stomach ache)

kumar munchies

Perhaps this should have been my lead story, but I saw a corgi in Hyde Park yesterday! Can I start a new style of race that strategically places cute dogs along the course? Because nothing makes me run faster than thinking I spot a corgi ahead. I then tried to slyly take photos as the corgi’s owner eyed me.

corgi hyde park hyde park corgi

I’m slowly getting back into a healthy eating and running routine after being corrupted by the American diet for a while. I’m still obsessed with sweet potatoes, but not this one that fell behind the slow cooker in the back of the cabinet months ago and was just discovered:

sweet potato old

You know what I just said about healthy eating and running? I had a really nice run this morning and a healthy breakfast, and it all went to crap when I stopped at Tesco and bought this:

tesco bourbon cream spread

Cookie spreads that are basically just sugar and oil that I say I’m only going to buy to put a tablespoon of which on my oatmeal occasionally but then end up eating 600 calories worth of which in front of the TV with a spoon are my Kryptonite. Tesco bourbon biscuit spread isn’t even as good as Nutella. When I finish this jar in, let’s face it, 3 more 600-calorie servings, I am not buying it again.


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