A post about how I meant to post about meaning to post, plus some roses

12 Jun

Well. I had a whole post typed up about how I was recovering from jetlag quickly despite the fact that I wrote multiple blog posts in my head when I could not fall asleep the other night, so I guess I spoke/wrote/thought too soon. I also wrote that post about hypothetically writing posts a week ago. Whoops. I’ve been back in the UK for over a week now, and yet haven’t managed to sneak a blog post in. I guess I underestimated how much time running, working, grocery shopping, eating and cleaning takes. So I’ll have to go with the abridged version of the post, since the previous one went into way too much detail about Eurovision, and I don’t think most of my American readers care (half the post was about how Americans don’t know what Eurovision is).

When I arrived last Thursday the weather in London was gorgeous, so naturally I had to take a 3-hour nap. Then Stephen and I went for a much-needed run in Regents Park before we settled in to watch the Eurovision final. It aired on May 23, but I didn’t have time to watch it online in the US, plus it just wouldn’t feel right. I downloaded the soundtrack weeks ago and have been listening to it while running. Based solely on good running songs, my favorites were Belarus and Germany. Belarus did not even qualify for the final and Germany got zero points (nought!), so apparently this American knows absolutely nothing about what makes a winning Eurovision song, but I still enjoyed watching all the performances for the songs I had been listening to.

The weather this past week was amazing — 60s with some clouds. I feel like there are two types of people — those who love when it’s 80 and sunny, and those who prefer 64 and cloudy. I am definitely the latter. I was not sad about leaving the 80- and 90-degree days in Cincinnati. London looks like it will be in the 70s this coming week, which shouldn’t be too bad, but I may have to start running earlier so I’m not out there sweating buckets in the afternoon.

Just because this post needs some pics, here are some I took this past week on runs. This first one is what happens when you stop running for a minute and are slightly disoriented and think your finger is the pavement:

serpentine fingerAvenue Gardens in Regents Park, always gorgeous:

avenue gardens regents parkI was happy to see the rose garden in full bloom, as there were only buds in April.

rose garden london rose garden regents park


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