The best running roadblock ever

19 Oct

First, something completely random. I logged into Facebook yesterday afternoon and these were my top 3 trending news stories:

facebook news

Even using the term “news” loosely, how in the world did they cobble together these three stories? Christmas is still over 2 months away. They can’t even predict London weather two hours from now. The second story is at least interesting and I was even tempted to click the link. As for the third one, nobody cares about the Kardashians, but if they did, at this time Kourtney is the least interesting of them all. Is this her big move for more notoriety — wearing a skeleton outfit? Her sister’s ex-husband is fighting for his life after a drug and brothel bender, and Kourtney is wearing a skeleton outfit? And it’s a trending story?


On Sunday Stephen and I were on our usual run through Regents Park when we saw a large crowd of people and dogs blocking the pathway ahead.

“Should we go around?” I asked him.

“No, let’s just run through them,” he replied.

“Oh look, there’s a BT!” I said as I noticed a Boston terrier in the crowd. And then as my eyes focused in I noticed another. And another. And suddenly it became clear that this was not just some random crowd of people blocking the path — this was a world record attempt London Boston terrier meetup and we were about to run through it! Boston terriers are one of my top 5 favorite dog breeds and I used to dogsit a pair of them back in Chicago. I love BTs! I really wanted to stop and play with them, but had to resort to sketchily taking a photo from a distance because I’m antisocial like that.

boston terrier regents park

And now I feel a desire to look up when the next local pug and corgi meetups will be. What’s the rule on showing up to a dog meetup without a dog? Is it akin to showing up at Chuck E. Cheese’s without a kid?  Asking for a friend, of course…


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