The expat struggle

17 Dec

Last night I was flipping through photos on my phone, reliving the most awesome 6 days I just had in Chicago and Milwaukee. This visit home has been excellent so far — I’ve had such quality time with friends and family that my mouth sometimes hurts from smiling and laughing so much. Which is why it was so unexpected that I was suddenly struck with an overwhelming sense of homesickness last night — while at “home.” I came to a short video on my phone of Stephen and I driving down Bond St and suddenly I wanted to be back in London, cruising around on our usual Saturday afternoon roast duck run. And yet I wanted to be in Kentucky just as much.

This may be the hardest part about being an expat. Sure, dealing with long plane rides, foreign currencies and different voltage sucks, but it’s really hard to have two homes that are so far apart. No matter where I am, a bit of my heart is always across the ocean. When I’m in Kentucky I miss eating healthily, running in the park, queuing for day seats and walking everywhere. When I’m in London I miss high fructose corn syrup and other bad-for-me foods, driving at night with the perfect song on an empty highway, and shopping at the mall. Going back and forth between my two homes can be rough, but it also always gives me something to look forward to. To paraphrase Thoreau, I need to “suck the marrow” out of my American home while I can (which mostly means having fun with family and friends and eating and drinking all the bad things), before I get back to London and healthy eating, half marathon training, and fast, loud rides down Bond St. in Stephen’s new car.

And now here are some pandas who also wish they could be in two places at the same time:

panda fight


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