My first real long run

16 Feb

Today I ran 7.3 miles. Seven! That’s almost 12 km. Until today the longest I’d ever run was 10K (6.2 miles). I want to say I did it because I’m following a strict half marathon training plan, but I’m not. If I do sign up for the half it isn’t until September and most training plans are only 10 or 12 weeks. I did it because it was a beautiful sunny day (a balmy 43F/6C degrees), I ate way too much cake and chocolate over the past few days, but mostly because I wanted to see if I could. And I did! Not only that, but I did it well — though my legs were getting a bit tired by the end, part of me wanted to go longer. I even ended up with negative splits! (Translation: I ran the last few miles faster than the first few). It was such a refreshing feeling, especially after my disaster of a run last week.

I think part of what got me going was the new route. I ran through Hyde Park down to Green Park and Buckingham Palace then through St. James Park. The change of scenery was nice, though it seems every other Londoner and tourist was out and about enjoying the weather too, so I had to do a lot of weaving and dodging. I did manage to see the famous St. James Park pelicans, though none of them were eating a pigeon.

st james pelicans.png

Then I stopped to take a photo of Buckingham Palace to prove I was there, but the combination of the glaring sun, my tinted sunglasses and gloved fingers gave me this:

blurry buckingham palace.png

I didn’t even realize it was blurry until I got home. I snapped 5 photos and this was the only halfway decent one.

buckingham palace.png

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but right now I feel good. I did fall asleep for 20 minutes while working with my laptop on my lap this afternoon, so I guess I was a bit exhausted, then later on I wanted to eat ALL THE THINGS, but hopefully my hips and legs will not be too sore tomorrow and I can make long runs a regular thing.


One Response to “My first real long run”

  1. janerunswild February 16, 2016 at 6:54 pm #

    Awesome run and beautiful photos!

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