Happy February 29th!

29 Feb

I don’t get to write the date that much as an adult, at least not as much as I did as a student. Back then leap year was a big deal. Nowadays I’m just excited I get to date my freelancing invoice 2-29-16. And also blog so I can say I posted on leap day.

So far the most exciting thing that happened to me today is that I got a free frozen pizza at Iceland. I then had to eat it for lunch immediately because it wouldn’t fit in my tiny British freezer. I also had to eat the entire pizza myself because … well, I lack self control. No leftover pizza means I can eat clean and healthy tomorrow, right? Except I also bought this:

creme egg mug

All this time in London and I’ve never bought a proper Easter egg. This one was on sale and I wanted the mug (and of course, the chocolate).

creme egg mug egg.JPG

Here’s to making the most of this extra day, even if that just means eating pizza and chocolate.

pug excited pizza

(This is not my pug, I found this photo on Reddit. If I did have a pizza-loving pug, you would definitely know about it in every single post)


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