April Degustabox UK

20 Apr

Today I received my second Degustabox. Since I got the first one on offer, this was the first one I was paying full price for (£12.99/$18.60), so I was eager to see if I got my money’s worth.

When I got the tracking email this morning I constantly refreshed the page, even though DPD is really good about giving you a delivery window and even shows you what number you are on the driver’s schedule. I quickly realized that this was the reason I signed up for the subscription box service — food is always great, but I love the anticipation and surprise factor. I was so freaking happy today just because a mysterious box of snacks was going to arrive at my flat. That’s reason enough to keep the service (and maybe reevaluate my life priorities … or not).

But of course there’s the products too. And this month’s box was a good one.

april uk degustabox.png

Perhaps Degustabox heard my suggestion last month of including more healthy items. I’m really looking forward to trying the Sugarly sweetener, rice blends, sparkling green tea and Pop Chips. And of course fruit snacks and chocolate are always good. The only thing I didn’t really like was the spicy jerk seasoning, but maybe I can find a way to tone it down so it’s not 3-flames hot.

april uk degustabox insert.png

The total retail contents of the box is £20.46, about a pound less than last month’s. I started doing a calculation of how much I would spend on just the things I would buy, but then I realized I probably wouldn’t go out and buy anything in this box. And yet I like it all and look forward to eating it, which I think is precisely the point of snack subscription boxes — you get to try things you normally wouldn’t. I think I may be hooked.


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