Conversations I have with myself regarding running

10 May


“Alright, time to run!”

“But it’s hot.”

“Of course it’s hot, it’s July!”

“Um, it’s not July, it’s early May. You’ve been thinking about your upcoming trip to the US too much.”

“Wow, yeah it is unseasonably hot for May. But is there anything you can do about it?”

“I can complain!”

“Does that make it less hot?”


“So let’s run!”

….10 minutes into run….

“Dear god it’s hot, can I stop?”

“Will continuing to run cause injury?”


“Are you literally going to die or pass out, or just white-girl-just-found-out-about-Starbucks’-new-S’mores-Frappuccino gonna die?”

“…white girl.”

“Push on. The faster you run, the faster you get home and can shower and eat Japanese food. You love Japanese food!”

“Yeah I haven’t had it in forever!”

“…you just had sushi in the park 2 days ago.”

“Yeah but it wasn’t a bento box. I haven’t had a bento box in forever.”

“You had one last weekend.”

“It’s so hot, can I stop?”

“Are you injured?”

The conversation repeated, but I actually managed a decent run. I accepted that it was going to be hot and I was going to be a sweaty mess and I pushed through. Sunday, however…


….3 minutes into run….

“Sweet baby George why is it so freaking hot out?”

“Because it’s July or May or whatever, remember? British summer will be over soon, as will this run if you keep pushing.”

“I’m so hot, I hate this weather! Why does anyone like this? This is so miserable! Can I stop??”

“Will continuing to run cause injury?”


“That doesn’t answer the question.”

its so damn hot.gif

“I give up, you can walk. Just know that when you stop to walk for whatever reason it makes you sweat more, so good luck with burning sunscreen sweat in your eyes.”

milk was a bad choice.gif

“You’re hopeless. What are you gonna do if it’s above 60 degrees in September when you attempt to run the half?”

awkward will ferrell.gif

will ferrell angry eyes

Tuesday (Today)

“Alright, it’s Tuesday, long run day! You took yesterday off to grocery shop and properly carbo-loaded with fried rice for dinner and peanut butter banana oatmeal for breakfast, let’s do this!”

“Um, it’s raining.”

run might rain.png

“But it’s finally not butt-hot, isn’t this what you wanted? Maybe we don’t need to do a long ‘long run’ — we can just do 5 miles.”

“OK… how about 4 miles though?”

“That’s fine, just get out there!”

“But it’s raining. I don’t want to bring my phone, it’ll get wet.”

“So leave it, have a nice ‘unplugged’ run!”

“But what if I slip in a puddle and need to call for help or an Uber?”

“Just be careful and don’t go that far. How about just 3 miles?”

“How about I just stay in and do an Insanity Max 30 workout. I’ll really push myself, I promise!”

…..12 minutes into 30-minute workout….

“Can I stop?”

panda facepalm.gif


One Response to “Conversations I have with myself regarding running”

  1. Sundayfluke May 10, 2016 at 2:18 pm #

    I know what you mean! It was so hot those last few days and the last thing I wanted to do was run too! Much prefer the cold 😊

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