What’s today? …October?

2 Jun

It appears Time Out London reads Reneedezvous and stole their email subject line from the title of my last post:

you know nothing john faustus.png
Or, you know, we both came up with the same obvious Game of Thrones pun. I like to think it was the former though.

So I have no idea what day it is. A lot of people have that problem after a Monday bank holiday, but for me it’s more about grocery shopping. Every Monday I do my weekly grocery shop, which involves dragging my little trolley to at least 4 different stores over the course of two hours. But since Monday was a holiday and Stephen was home, we went to see X-Men, so I didn’t shop. And then Tuesday it was insanely windy and rainy, so I didn’t run or shop. So I did my grocery shopping on Wednesday, which made Wednesday feel like Monday, and I did my long (8.5-mile!) run today, which makes today feel like Tuesday, even though it’s Thursday.
panda falling.gifI was able to put off my shopping because I just discovered Itsu’s half price sale. Am I the last person in the UK to know about this? Itsu is a sushi fast food joint by the people behind Pret a Manger (which no one can pronounce so we all agree to just call it “Pret”). It’s really popular with the 9 to 5 lunch crowd because they have fresh ready-made sushi boxes and salads for takeaway. But since they focus on freshness, they can’t carry over today’s leftovers into tomorrow, so they sell it all for half price a half hour before closing. I know what you’re thinking: half-priced leftover sushi? Isn’t that food poisoning waiting to happen? I was a little worried about that too, but it’s the same food they were selling full price a minute before the sale, and the Internet assured me that sushi is good for 24 hours. But that brings me to my next point: who are these people who literally fill a shopping basket with a good 10 boxes of sushi?! Do they just really like sushi? Are they throwing a house party catered by Itsu half-priced sushi? Do they realize that fresh raw fish is best when it’s, well, fresh? And do they realize by essentially wiping out the stock 5 minutes before the half-price sale even starts, the rest of us are stuck getting either the salmon and tuna box or an unsealed salmon box? (Yes, I was so desperate and craving sushi that I bought a box that was not sealed. This was 6 days ago and I have not died or been violently ill yet, so I think I’m in the clear). This was also the Friday before the bank holiday so I think things were especially crazy. When I went Tuesday night I was spoilt for choice, but that also could have been because the weather was wretched. More half-price sushi for me then! I’ve been several times now and I think I’m finally figuring out the art of the Itsu half-price sale. You have to show up a little before the sale starts and just stand there awkwardly holding your spoils (no pun intended!) until the 30-min-to-close mark. You also will find slim pickings if you go on a Friday night.

And now here’s a red panda inexplicably eating what appears to be sushi out of a box:

red panda sushi.gif


One Response to “What’s today? …October?”

  1. Sundayfluke June 2, 2016 at 3:11 pm #

    It had no idea Itsu do that – I’m usually the Marks and Sparks closing time stalker hahahaha

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