Excuses and parking achievements

2 Aug

Yesterday I parallel parked in one shot. I’ve still got it! You can take the girl out of Chicago…

I haven’t blogged in ages, yet somehow decided to lead with parallel parking. As usual, my time in America has flown by. I had so much quality time with friends and family, though, so I guess it’s OK if my blog had to suffer as a result.

Something weird has been happening on this visit though. I’m not buying things. OK, I’m buying things, but I’m not BUYING ALL THE THINGS. A visit to the homeland has always involved 3 things: seeing friends and family, eating all the things, and buying all the things. I’ve certainly been eating my share of American delicacies (my recent cholesterol test results can attest to that), but I haven’t been going crazy buying all the things just because they are a £ or 2 cheaper than in the UK. Does this mean I’ve finally learned my lesson and packing won’t be a dear-god-please-be-under-50 lbs struggle? I sure hope so. For my sanity, but also because leaving the US doesn’t mean I’m going back to the UK — I’m meeting Stephen in China for a little vacation from my vacation. Which means all the crap I pack will be essentially traveling all around the world with me (you hear that, buttload of protein bars?) (OK, I guess I did buy some things. I may have a slight Quest bar addiction)

In short, this is me checking in just to say “ni hao.” Hopefully my upcoming travels will be more blog-worthy (but not too blog-worthy, because the most blog-worthy stuff is never good).

panda falling over.gif


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