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Getting back in the saddle, then wiping out

25 May

After nearly a month off from running, I finally decided it was time to get back out there on April 29. I took it slow, which was easy to do, because after a month off, my body had nearly forgotten how to run. It wasn’t my foot that was bothering me, it was everything else — my lungs, my heart, my calves. It was frustrating not being able to just jump back in to the fitness level I was at post-half marathon. Cherry was certainly happy to have me back in my running shoes, and took me for a few celebratory laps around our neighbor’s yard. She had a serious case of the zoomies and was absolutely loving it! I’d never seen her so happy.

cherry running.png

As my parents talked to their neighbor, I chased Cherry around the yard. She zoomed from one end to the other, then made a sharp turn towards the backyard. I kept up with her, but didn’t anticipate the dip in the grass, and suddenly I was on the ground. I had completely wiped out right in front of my parents and the neighbor. I wish I could tell you Cherry sensed something was wrong and came to my rescue, but in reality she took one look at me, then took off running again. Thanks, pup. Thankfully because I fell on grass instead of pavement, I came out unscathed save for some grass stains on my jeans. It was hard not to take it as a omen that I shouldn’t be running yet, though!

grass stain.png


That was nearly a month ago and I’ve been slowly building my speed back up. Because of the heat I haven’t run farther than 5 miles, but I’ve been focusing on running 5K. I know I have zero chance of breaking 25 minutes at the Hunger Walk 5K on Monday like I had originally dreamed, but that’s a goal I can continue to work towards. For now I’d be happy if I finished in the top 50 women again and got a medal… and if it weren’t oppressively hot or raining. Here’s hoping!