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Sock shrinkage

18 Apr

The other day I did some “spring cleaning.” I guess it wasn’t cleaning, more organizing. I took everything out of my sock/underwear and cami/tank drawers, and sure enough, I found things I have never worn and forgot I bought. For kicks I counted how many pairs of underwear I have and how many tanks and camis. I’m not going to publish the result because it was depressing. I could definitely go several months without doing laundry, I’ll just say that.

And speaking of doing laundry, I discovered some Adidas socks that I bought in a six pack a year ago. There was one pair that got stuck at the bottom of the drawer and has never been worn, a couple pairs I’ve worn a few times, and a couple pairs that I wear all the time. I was shocked at the size difference between them. I don’t know who to blame — my washing machine that doesn’t have a cycle colder than 30 C (86 F) or my dryer that takes at least 75 minutes to dry. I decided to photograph this shrinkage for your entertainment and amazement.

Here they are lined up in order of shrinkage. The one on the bottom has never been washed or worn. The one on the top is in fact clean, little fuzzies just get attached to it over time.

Isn’t that ridiculous? Here is another perspective with the three of them stacked on top of each other:

…and it seems I devote entire posts to socks these days.