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China Impressions: Airport security

17 Nov

Yesterday we had the pleasure of flying domestically in China. It’s never a pleasant experience, but yesterday was better than previous times — the flight was only delayed 40 minutes. Chinese airports are always full of pandemonium, from the complete lack of queues (see that, I used the British term!) to the muffled announcements those who understand Chinese can’t even make out. But I’ve written about Chinese domestic travel before. The one thing I forgot to touch on is security. The Chinese don’t seem to care whether your liquids are in a little bag or if you take off your shoes. However, it seems they are convinced every traveler has explosives or weapons attached to their body. The few times I’ve had a pat down in a US airport they usually brush your arms and legs and wave a wand around you. In China they get up close and personal. They wave the wand while simultaneously touching you everywhere — and I mean everywhere. There will be no underwear bomber on China Air.

Don’t touch my junk guy should never travel to China.