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Corgis!! And other thoughts on the opening ceremonies

28 Jul

I think we can all agree that this was the best part of the opening ceremonies last night:

No, not James Bond! This:


After the amazing spectacle Beijing put on four years ago, I thought there was no way London could follow that. But they held their own, mostly because of corgis. And OK, James Bond. And Mr. Bean. And David Beckham.

Perhaps the most surprising thing was how not confusing the opening ceremonies were. Normally there’s at least one aspect of it that makes you wonder how high the artistic director was, but I thought this year’s were pretty easy to understand. Well done, Danny Boyle.

I also have to say I really enjoyed the British commentary. They knew when to shut up and had interesting things to say about each country processing in. And when they didn’t really know what to say, they just talked about the weather in typical British fashion. (“It rained a little earlier but I’m glad it’s held off.” “Yes, but it is getting quite chilly, isn’t it?”) And of course the accents make them more pleasant to listen to.

I have somehow managed to catch a cold in July. I guess the timing isn’t exactly bad, because it makes me feel less guilty just vegging out in front of the TV. I’ve spent all morning watching swimming and men’s gymnastic qualifying rounds. You know what else is weird about watching BBC’s Olympic coverage? There are no commercials! I watched the opening ceremonies for four hours straight last night, no breaks. It was like watching the Super Bowl — I had to wait until the parade of nations to run to the bathroom.

I’m debating whether I want to go for a walk this afternoon to check out the excitement at Lord’s. I’ll have to wait for my Sudafed to kick in first.