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Arrested Development Bluth Banana Stand in London!

15 May

“There’s always money in the banana stand!”

Since I was busy with my parents’ visit for two weeks, I missed a lot of what was happening on Reddit and Facebook. My brother, who got me hooked on “Arrested Development” several years ago, posted a photo of the Bluth banana stand in London on my Facebook timeline with the note, “Please get one, for me.” Apparently the stand has been popping up in various places across London and New York to promote the new season on Netflix. I read horror stories about the queues for free bananas and photos in NYC, but I decided I would brave the crowds in London — for my brother (and, OK, a new Facebook profile picture and blog post material). I read on Twitter this morning that the stand was going to be by the London Eye, so I set off.

On the Tube to Waterloo I imagined the creative photos I would take of the queue — busting out the panoramic setting, perhaps — and thought about the maximum amount of time I would be willing to wait. 30 minutes? An hour?

As I saw the London Eye looming in the distance, I caught my first glimpse of the big yellow joint:

london banana standThere was no one there but a pigeon. No one. The guy in the green shirt works there.

london eye banana stand

I started taking photos like crazy until the guy in the green shirt approached me.

bluth banana stand

“Are you an Arrested Development fan?” he asked me, obviously happy that someone was showing interest in the banana stand. I said I was and he offered to take my photo (profile picture, check!). I told him about my friends in New York and asked where the queue was.

“Oh, it’ll get busier during lunch hour, everyone is just busy at work,” he said, making the motion of someone sleeping on his desk. I asked him if they were giving out frozen bananas, because obviously if there was free food there would be a queue.

“Of course!” he said. I can’t say the banana was disappointing because it was delicious and free, but it was half the size I expected it to be.

bluth frozen banana

frozen banana london

Here’s my little banana with the London Eye. I’d say maybe the weather scared people away, but if that were true, no one would go anywhere in London ever.

banana london eye

After I ate my banana I took more close up photos of the stand, since no one was in the way.

netflix arrested development

banana stand menu

I wonder if people were turned off because they thought the menu prices were real — although this is less believable in London since they’re in dollars, not pounds.

bluth banana stand menu

The whole time I was there the guy in the green shirt kept shouting, “There’s always money in the banana stand! Free frozen bananas!” As people walked by he asked them if they were “Arrested Development” fans. Most said they were, but when he asked if they wanted a free banana or a photo with the stand, they said no. All I could think of was Cartman’s reaction when he told his amusement park security guard he could ride any rides without any lines as his payment.

"But... you can get a free banana and a picture and you don't have to wait in line. Are you from Mars or something?!"

“But… you can get a free banana and a picture and you don’t have to wait in line. Are you from Mars or something?!”

Maybe they weren’t really fans of the show and were too polite to admit it. When asked if she liked Arrested Development, this woman replied, “Where’s Waterloo Bridge?”

banana stand directions

So green shirt guy ended up giving directions. That’s how not crowded it was. I bet that didn’t happen in NYC.

Finally, a customer!

bluths frozen banana

The blue sky also finally started to peak through:

banana stand london eye

I thought about hanging around longer, but I took all the photos I wanted, and it looked like it was going to rain any minute. Plus, it was almost lunch hour and I didn’t want to be stampeded by the crowds! (*Cricket, cricket*)

One last photo as I walked back to the Tube. The stand seems so tiny in comparison to the Eye!

arrested devlopment london