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The time I saw the queen’s corgis at Windsor Castle and my life was complete

13 May

On Wednesday my parents and I visited Windsor Castle, which has been a royal residence for over 900 years. Allegedly the queen considers Buckingham Palace her office and Windsor her home. So naturally I kept thinking about corgis. I got so worked up about it on the train over that I convinced my mom that there was an actual corgi courtyard. Every time we passed an open field of grass she asked me if it was it.

If they have a Pug Yard, why not a Corgi Courtyard? (No pugs were spotted in said yard. Misleading title.)

If they have a Pug Yard, why not a Corgi Courtyard? (No pugs were spotted in said yard. Misleading.)

"Do the corgis play in the waterfalls?"

“Do the corgis play in the waterfalls?”

We wandered around the castle grounds, audio guide to ear like full-blown tourists, before we entered the staterooms, where photography is strictly prohibited. My bag was heavy, every room was starting to look the same and I had tuned out my audio guide, when my mom called me over to the window that looked out into a courtyard.

“Renee!” she shouted. “Come here! Look! The corgis! They’re out there!”

Now let me pause here and say my mom has a bad habit of falsely crying corgi. It must have happened a good five times over the course of her visit, and every time it was a border collie or some other dog that in no way resembles a corgi. Plus we had been joking about the corgis all afternoon, so I was quite skeptical, but still hurried to the window.

And that’s when I saw them — three white and tan corgis and a black and tan dorgi running into a side door. They were visible for maybe five seconds — too quick to photograph, and I was afraid a guard would stop me if I got out my camera inside.

“Do you think those were the queen’s actual corgis?!” My mom asked while I was still spazzing. We decided we needed confirmation, so I approached a guard who was speaking to another guard (and thus neither would likely have seen me take out my camera, crap!)

“Excuse me,” I said. “We just saw some corgis run by — could they have been the queen’s?”

The guard, who was just minutes ago joking around with the other guy, turned serious.

“Where did you seen them?” he drilled me. I walked him over to the window and pointed.

“How many were there? What did they look like? How long ago did you see them?”

I was getting interrogated about the corgis. Is this a common problem — tourists falsely claiming they see corgis? Or are there always corgis roaming the castle who don’t belong to the queen?

After some consideration he gave me an answer — yes, they were the queen’s corgis! Her Majesty just arrived at the castle 20 minutes ago and her corgis come separately in their own van.

After that we zoomed through the rest of the rooms and went back outside hoping to get another glimpse. Here is a photo I took of the courtyard from outside. (Yes, had we been outside instead of in the staterooms when the corgis ran by I could have taken a photo, but I don’t like to think about that.)

windsor castle courtyard

And here is the same photo with the path of the corgis drawn — we’re not sure if they got out of that car or if they came from a car parked in the gate on the right. They ran into the door where the arrow is pointing and that was the last we saw of them.

windsor castle corgis

I know it is impossible to top a royal corgi sighting, but in keeping with the Windsor Castle theme, here are some other photos I took during our visit:

Does this apply to royal corgis?

Does this apply to royal corgis?

Of course I had to take some shallow depth of field shots with the flowers:

windsor tulip

windsor castle tower

windsor flowers