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99p store knees up

27 Apr

Yesterday I made a well-overdue trip to the 99p store. It’s like a dollar store, except at the current exchange rate it’s more of a $1.646 store (why isn’t it $1.55 anymore?!). I love the dollar store in the US, so it’s only natural I love the 99p store. And like the dollar store, you never know what you’re going to find, and you have to navigate your way through the crowds and narrow aisles to find the gold. I went in only intending to buy a dishwashing brush, a six-pack of paper towels (6! for 99p! Yeah they’re thin and small, but you get 6! For 99p!) and a claw hair clip, because the one I bought at Walmart in 2007 finally bit the dust. I found those things (even the hair clips came in a six pack, which is nice, but I really only wanted one, maybe two. I got home and used one and immediately realized why there were six — one broke when I opened it and one was broken in the packaging and I didn’t notice at the store. So now I have four clips), but like anyone who’s ever been to a dollar/99p store, you can’t go in and buy just what you need. Yesterday markers caught my eye. I haven’t been in school for years, but I’m always drawn to the school supply section of the dollar store. The 99p store had a set of 15 brilliantly colored markers for 99p. I have a set of markers that I don’t use at home, but I had to have these. They were so pretty — and only 99p! So I bought what I needed, plus the markers and some Cadbury Eggs, which I was saddened to find weren’t on sale. Tesco still had their Cadbury Eggs full price the day after Easter, too. Someone needs to bring England up to speed on post-holiday candy sales.

Besides candy and school supplies, the store had a nice selection of royal wedding memorabilia. I think these two are my favorite:

I bet Will and Kate are used to the paparazzi now, but I wonder if they are used to seeing their faces on everything. It creeps me out and it’s not even me.

Speaking of the royal wedding, I saw a sign in front of a pub on my walk to the store that was obviously in English but completely incomprehensible to my American mind. I cursed myself for not having a pen and paper handy, because sure enough I forgot it when I got home. I remember the phrase “royal knees up” was used, which according to Google means a party or lively gathering. Google also told me Will and Kate are building a nightclub in Buckingham Palace for a royal knees up after the wedding. That’s the thing about Britain, their tabloids are so good it’s hard to distinguish them from the legit news sources, so I have no idea if that’s true or not.

One more royal wedding note — someone please tell me the Queen’s corgis will be involved in the ceremony in one form or another. That would make my day.


And in case you were wondering, I pulled out my sketchbook and have been using the markers everyday since I bought them. I can’t believe the quality for 99p, usually dollar store markers are dried up, but these work great. Well done, 99p store, well done.