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Extreme running and a monkey riding a dog

18 Nov

Yesterday I ran 4.5 miles in the pouring rain. This afternoon I ran up and down Primrose Hill in 30mph winds. Fingers crossed, it looks like the weather for the Thanksgiving Day Race is going to be mild, but if things get extreme, I’ll be ready.

I can’t believe I’ll be heading to the US in less than a week. I have so much to do work- and life-wise before my flight, then of course there’s the actual long flight, but my mind is focused on the race. It’ll be my third year running it and I’m determined for it to be my best. I’ve changed up my training to include more hills and created the perfect playlist. I tested it out last week and ran my fasted 10K yet. It’s the perfect combination of current hip hop, 2004 Todd Rundgren, 1998 Steps and angry and motivational Eurovision hits. I am almost certain I will be the only person in Cincinnati with Woki mit deim Popo blasting through her headphones. The playlist is so good that I have forbidden myself from running to it until the race, so it will still be fresh and exciting. Now I just have to pray everything else plays nice, like my flight, jetlag, nutrition and body.

Speaking of body, I earned my first black toenail. When I discovered it last week my first thought was, “Oh no, gross!” followed shortly by “Yeah! I’m a real runner now!” After much googling (don’t Google image search “runner’s toe”!), I discovered gel toe caps.

gel toe cap

I picked one up at Superdrug and it has been a lifesaver. So much so that I immediately bought a few more on ebay. If I could wear these with heels instead of band-aids, it would be life-changing.

Just so this post isn’t about gross toes and running, here’s a photo of a monkey riding a dog from the Bengals game.

bengals monkey riding dog

Sadly I missed it because the game was on at 1:30am here. Now that Stephen and I watched every season of The League and the Bengals are actually almost good this year, I almost (almost) care about [American] football. Not enough to stay up til 1:30am to watch the Bengals lose to the Texans though.