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The flashing light should have been a warning sign

16 Feb

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a random people encounter.

This evening I was walking home slowly behind a guy wearing a backpack (I’m sorry, “rucksack”) with a flashing red light. I could have passed him, but since I was walking alone at night, I liked having him near, just in case. It was extraordinary quiet; if there were crickets out, I could have heard them. …And then the guy “ripped one” … full blast. The sound echoed and reverberated across the buildings and trees. I wondered why he made no attempt to stifle it or speed up. Then I realized he had headphones on, meaning a.) he had no idea I was walking behind him and b.) he had no idea just how loud his little toot was.

And thus ends my first post about a fart.